CHASiNG SHADOWS PRODUCTiONS is a theatre company based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is the creative partnership of Singer-Songwriter Will Gillespie and multidisciplinary visual artist Susan Robinson.

It is a mutual collaboration. Will writes the words & music and Susan illustrates, paints, photographs and builds the props, puppets, sets and backdrops. 

Currently we are writing a new solo "Folk Opera" entitled:

"MINE! True Stories and Legends of the Porcupine Gold Rush"

which will be performed at the Guelph Fringe Festival and the Timmins Public Library both in August 2022.


For more information, please visit our official company website:

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Martians & Martinis is a fun, romantic romp, set in Niagara Falls

in the early 1960's.

It's a heartfelt, feel-good, romantic, Sci-Fi, Cold War, Alien Invasion,

Buddy Comedy Musical

from the creators of "Swingin' in St. John's" and "Diamond in the Rough"

 "Martians & Martinis"

is the 3rd brand-new Musical by Will Gillespie.

Debuting at




Written & Directed by Will Gillespie

Puppets by Susan Robinson


Rachel Offer as Honey Moon

Will Gillespie as Buddy Nova, Commander Greenman and the Witness

Pamela Blackwood-Marques as Starla Bright

Matthew Lazaris-Brunner as Special Agent Gary Garrison, FBI and the Stranger

Larry Smith as Sergeant-Major Greg G. Gallagher , RCMP and Frankie Velour

Susan  Robinson as Lieutenant Grey of the Royal Venusian Guard


Chris Cracknell as Big Tony and Princess Glalblulalbp.

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"Martians & Martinis" 

Soundtrack Album



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