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CHASiNG SHADOWS PRODUCTiONS is a theatre company based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is the creative partnership of Singer-Songwriter Will Gillespie and multidisciplinary visual artist Susan Robinson.

It is a mutual collaboration. Will writes the words & music and Susan illustrates, paints, photographs and builds the props, puppets, sets and backdrops. 

Currently we are rehearsing a new original musical comedy called "Diamond in the Rough". This show will debut in July at the 2019 Hamilton Fringe Festival.

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Diamond in the Rough is a heartfelt, feel-good musical, featuring 15 new, original songs.


Through a twist of fate, Neil Diamond winds up performing, unrecognized, in a local neighbourhood bar in Hamilton. The regulars learn of the impending closure of their beloved hangout.


 Facing an uncertain future, can they find a place to belong?

The brand-new Musical by Will Gillespie. Debuting at Hamilton Fringe 2019!

Written & Directed by Will Gillespie

Produced by Susan Robinson

Stage Manager Liz Buchanan



Michelle La Haise as Back-Alley Sally

Chris Cracknell as Day-Drinkin' Dennis

Leonard Cain as Roadie, Bar Patron and Man in Suit

Susan  Robinson as the Bartender

and Will Gillespie as Neil Diamond.

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The Players' Guild of Hamilton

80 Queen St S


Thursday, July 18th    8:00pm 

Saturday, July 20th    4:30pm 

Sunday, July 21st    9:00pm 

Tuesday, July 23rd    9:30pm    

Friday, July 26th    11:00pm 

Saturday, July 27th    7:30pm 

Sunday, July 28th    6:00pm 

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